383 the kopjary water

A mineral water with a refreshing delicious taste.

It lied in depth of 208 m for ten thousand years:
in the calmest place of Earth where temperature is invariant,
where everything is constant, the best place for waters.

Rests thousands of years

The stable isotope analysis published by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences certifies an age of thousands of years

The purity of Ice Age

A biologically perfectly pure mineral water that accumulated in the Pannonian Basin in the ice age in its natural intactness.

European speciality with healing power

The natural Hungarian mineral water with low deuterium level.

Still natural mineral water

Naturally alkaline Mineral Water

383 the kopjary water ia a natural alkaline mineral water, with a pH-value of 8.4 and high alkafying effect.

Low Mireal Content

Contains not many traceable amount of nitrate of nitrite. Its mineral content is 497 mg/l according to the assessment, it is a low mineral content sodium-calcium-hydrogen-carbonate type of mineral water with a considerable amount of meta silicic acid.

Beneficial health effects

This water contains 31 mg/l of meta silicic acid that, due to its beneficient physiological effects, regenerates the cells, facilitates the renewal of the hair, the nails and the skin, and also nourishes the skin. Silicic acid is indispensable for young

Excellent thrist-quencing effect

383 the kopjary water ectracted and bottled in Komoro is a 10,000-year old old natural alkaline (ph = 8.4) mineral water originating from a depth of 208 m from the intact enclosed water yield strata of the Upper-Pannon age that has na excellent thirst-que

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